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Amazing Arachnids

Optimum group size -1 class at a time

Maximum group size 2 classes at one time (up to 4 classes in one day)


What is an arachnid?


 Why do we see so many spiders in the autumn?


Why are spiders associated with Hallowe’en?


Where is the best place to find spiders?


How many different species of spiders are there?


Are all spiders venomous?


Are there any spiders that don’t spin webs?


How do spiders recycle their webs?


How strong is spider silk?


Can spider silk be used to make clothes?


What is artificial spider silk?


These questions and more will be answered in a fun and informative workshop, where you get the chance to come face to face with a variety of arachnids from Britain and around the world. Find out why people are so fascinated and fearful of spiders.

Suitable for any age group. Depending on the age range of the group, we offer spidery themed crafts and games. The package generally lasts half a day.