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Bringing the bug world to your world.

At Gribblybugs, we are always trying to think up new and imaginative ways to make learning fun.

Here are some of the ideas that we have tried and tested with children of  different ages. They can be used on their own or you could put together a few of these ideas to reinforce certain concepts.

If you are a teacher or parent, please feel free to print out and try these ideas for yourself.

We aim to update these pages and bring you different ideas throughout the year. We try to suggest ideas which don't require spending lots of money and can make use of recycled materials. If you have space in a classroom or shed, it might be useful to set aside some boxes or bins for collecting and sorting materials that can be re-used, things like empty plastic bottles, corks, dairy tubs, scraps of wool, newspaper, shells , pebbles etc.

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Crafty ideas

Other ideas

Recipes and instructions

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