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Pompoms can be made to be almost any size you like and you can use them for all sorts of craft projects. They are a great way of using up scraps of wool. The bigger the pompom, the longer it takes to make and the more wool you will need. 

You will need:

2 ring-doughnut shaped pieces of cardboard, (make these by drawing around two circular objects of different sizes, or using  a  compass at different settings)

scissors (these need to be quite sharp)


Optional extras: sticky tape, wool of different colours

How to make your pompom

You can use an old cardboard box, or cereal packet to make the doughnut shaped circles If it’s the first time you’ve made pompoms, it’s a good idea to use sturdier card because thin card may be torn more easily.

round shapes













It’s a good idea to cut your wool into lengths, which are easy to use (no more than 2 metres 5-6ft). Keep a length of wool back for the last part.

Put the two rings together. Place a piece of wool onto the ring and hold it firmly. The end of the wool should be facing the outside edge of the circle. You could use a little bit of sticky tape, if you find this bit too tricky.

Thread the wool through the hole and wrap it around the cardboard and back through the hole. Keep doing this, working around the ring, covering up the visible cardboard, until you have used your length of wool. Repeat the whole process. Hold the end of the length of wool on to the ring and firmly wrap the wool around it, to hold it in place, then continue wrapping the wool around the ring, threading it in and out of the circle, moving around the ring as you go.

winding wool














Keep going, repeating the same process, until the rings are fairly stuffed with wool.

Tuck in the loose end of wool.

Now you need to cut the wool, using the sharp scissors. Get adult help for this part, if you need to.

You need to cut through the edge of the pompom, so that your scissors eventually are between the two layers of cardboard. You need to cut all the way around the edge of the circle in a line.

















Now you need the piece of wool that you kept back, earlier. place it between the two cardboard circles, wrap it around and tie it firmly in a tight knot.

Next make a slit in each of the pieces of cardboard and remove them. 

If you just want to hang the pompom up, make a loop with the last length of wool that you tied around the middle of the pompom.

Fluff out your pompom and trim off any straggly ends.

You can use your pompoms in all different types of craft projects. Keep checking the gribblybugs website for different ideas.

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