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Meet the Expert for Gifted and Talented Young People.

Gribblybugs are able to offer  services suitable for gifted and talented young people  in schools and after schools clubs.  This is a bespoke service and we recommend that you  contact us to discuss your specific requirements in detail. We frequently participate in events funded by local authorities, which are open to schools across a particular region. For details contact your local science advisor or gifted/talented coordinator to find out about events open to your school.


We recommend a 'meet the expert'  package where young people in smaller groups than a usual class size get the chance to discuss and observe the animals in more detail than they would during our usual basic handling session.

The children would have the opportunity to ask complex or detailed questions about the science of insect/butterfly rearing or about the animals themselves.

Although rooted in science our range of different activities can be used for cross curricular reinforcement encouraging high order thinking skills.
We can support art and crafts, science, maths, I.C.T., geography and other areas of the curriculum. Our talks are dynamic and exciting and very 'hands-on' and may help to encourage the beginnings of a lifelong passion for learning.

We have a range of teaching and learning ideas and resources available for follow-up work both through our website and printed materials available as an integral part of some packages or upon request.

We feel passionate and enthusiastic about all aspects of our work and we believe being keen to learn and share learning is infectious.

Our usual  service rates apply. 

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