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Bringing the bug world to your world.

School Visits

We at Gribblybugs are pleased to offer educational school visits such as handling sessions with our livestock. The animals available may vary but typically consist of tropical invertebrates.

Handling sessions

  • Basic Package
    Optimum group size: 1 class
    Maximum group size: 2 classes

    This package is tailored for schools that would rather have many short tasters for different classes in place of a more in depth look at specific areas of the curriculum.
    Each talk lasts for around 45 mins ~ 1 hour, allowing for multiple talks to take place within a day.


  • Basic Plus
    Optimum group size: 1 class (up to 30 children)
    This package is an extension of the basic package, animal handling is still offered but is interspersed with games and/or creative activities. Ideal for groups requiring something fun and educational that need not be curriculum focussed.


  • Lifecycles

    Our lifecycles package lasts for around half a day in which we bring along animals at various stages in their lifecycles and give an expert talk. We will also provide and install one of our kits which is included in the cost of the package.


  • Amazing Arachnids

    We will answer any questions the group may have about arachnids and offer the chance to come face to face with a variety of arachnids from Britain and around the world. Find out why people are so fascinated and fearful of spiders.

    Suitable for any age group. Depending on the age range of the group, we offer spidery themed crafts and games. The package generally lasts half a day.



Packages for any age

  • Schoolground Safari

    KS1 package
    This experience allows young children the chance to discover first hand what is alive and not alive, by looking for tell tale signs and examining the evidence.
    The animals found can be drawn and compared with the exotic livestock, which we will bring along to show you.

    This package lasts half a day.

    KS2 package
    As with the KS1 safari, we will embark upon an exploration of the undergrowth under our noses, in the school grounds.
    We will seek out the strange and the fascinating, the weird and the wonderful by taking a fresh look at the ordinary.
    We will compare and contrast the animals that we find with the more exotic gribblybugs.
    We will use keys to identify and assign to groups the animals and plant life that we discover.

    This package also lasts half a day.

Packages tailored to Key Stage 1

  • Humans and other animals

    This indoor package helps young children identify different external body parts on humans and animals.
    Our basic package is further enlivened here with a range of activities including games, dressing up, singing and crafts. We will show examples of living animals, to help distinguish between what is alive and what has never been alive. We will use our senses to identify different animals.

    This package lasts between two hours and a full school day, depending upon your requirements.


Packages tailored to Key Stage 2

  • Food Chains

    The idea of food chains is brought to life with real life links in a chain.
    The group will meet real animals and have the chance to handle some of them,
    followed by a discussion on the conditions that lead to the continuation or collapse of food chains.

    This programme lasts for half a day.

  • In the Right Place

    This package examines the concepts of habitat and adaptation with a series of creative activities.
    This is a packed day and is one of our most popular packages.
    The group will be able to see and handle animals for themselves and
    teachers will be provided with suggested follow -up activities.

    This package really brings the science curriculum to life and is great fun for children aged 7-11 years.
    The full version of this package lasts for an entire school day.
    A shorter version of this package is available.