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Butterfly release frequently asked questions.

How many butterflies will make a good display at our Wedding?
You will need to book at least 20 butterflies to make a nice display. The more you have, the more spectacular it should look.

Can I release butterflies in a marquee?
No, butterflies must always be released outdoors.

What  kind of butterflies can I have for a release?
Gribblybugs currently only offer painted lady (Vanessa cardui) butterflies for release.
See our good practice guide.

What colour  will the butterflies be?
Painted Lady butterflies are  orange/pink with black and white markings.

Can I  have colours to match my wedding scheme?
Gribblybugs send the butterflies in individual boxes within a larger presentation box, which is decorated to match your colours. Once you make a booking, we will request your colour scheme. If you wish, you can send us a fabric swatch or colour sample, which we will do our best to match.

Why can't I have different  kinds of butterflies?
We have carefully selected this species for the following reasons: The painted lady is a migratory species. They are native to Southern Europe and North Africa and fly up through Europe to the UK.  This means that they occur naturally in the wild, here in the UK, during the summer months.  Gribblybugs DO NOT offer other British species which might affect the gene pools of local butterfly populations or species which might be considered to be pest species. The painted lady lays its eggs on thistles or nettles and its caterpillars won't eat vegetable crops.

During which months can I release butterflies?
Gribblybugs offer this service from April- September inclusive.

What are the release boxes like?
The release boxes are designed to enable the butterflies to roost (sleep) during transit, without sustaining unnecessary wing damage. They are triangular in shape and creamy white in colour. They are easy to open at the desired moment, simply by popping off the elastic band at the top.

Can I release butterflies if it's raining?
As you would with your photographs, you should wait until the rain stops before carrying out the release. If it is raining or dark, the butterflies will naturally be sleepy. Keep the butterflies somewhere cool and safe until there is a break in the weather.


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